Restoring the Circle



Mission Statement:


The journey back to the sacred way of being, where all life is respected,

has begun, recognizing that aboriginal culture and health can be restored through healing and education.


Statement of Purpose:

                There is hope for all nations to each live our own cultural, spiritual teachings.

                We  will reclaim our cultures and heal ourselves.  The drum, our heartbeat sounds loud and strong.  Together  we walk the sacred path of truth and honor. We welcome you to join with us as we build a better future, are responsible, and walk in a sacred way.    What we do today is for our future generations.



Our Goals:

1.  Education       To educate ourselves and each other about our collective history, including, especially, government policies which have impacted Aboriginal communities.


2.  Culture            To know who we are and to share our knowledge with each other.


3.  Health              To understand how historic trauma relates to our current health

issues, body, mind and spirit.


4.  Healing             Together, develop ways to build effective and compassionate relationships with service providers, which celebrate a positive, collective healing and reconciliation movement within:   Educational, Judicial, Political, Health, Social and Religious institutions.




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